About Men

“The men’s remarkable honesty makes for compelling viewing…” The Guide, Sydney Morning Herald

The Tightrope Dancer

“Vali and her visions remain in one’s imagination long after this film comes to an end. Most viewers should be spellbound by Miss Cullen’s story. This is a film by a very talented woman” - Bill Collins, The Daily Mirror

“Don’t miss this moving and extraordinary real-life tail” - Ruth Hessey, Vogue

“A privileged look into an extraordinary world guaranteed to make the wildest eccentric look like Kylie Minogue - Michael Dwyer, X’Press

“Don’t miss this film” - Louise Kennedy, The Canberra Times

Becoming Julia

Sydney Morning Herald article

“Excellent ” – Herald Sun Melbourne

“Amazing, amusing and ultimately sad” - Who Weekly

“Just lovely” - The Sydney Morning Herald

“Whacky and weird” - Kalgoolie Miner